Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body
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Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body

When exercise is fun, you’re more likely to do it, and what’s more fun than dancing? Burn fat and calories, melt unwanted pounds, reduce stress, and tone your whole body with this enjoyable workout. Kimberly Miguel Mullen uses elements of Brazil’s steamy, heart-pounding dances—Samba Reggae, Maculelê, Capoeira—to target trouble spots while burning fat and calories. Set to authentic, pulsating Brazilian music, it’s a hip-swinging, body-slimming good time. 48 min. on 1 DVD.

An Acacia production.

Kimberly Miguel Mullen brings to the world of dance strength, humility, and natural grace augmented by extensive training and research in the United States, the Caribbean, and Brazil. With a master's degree in dance from UCLA and international touring experience, she makes a unique contribution to the field and spirit of dance ethnology.

Her style embraces all genres of dance, enabling her to work in both traditional and contemporary performance realms. Kimberly's performance and choreography credits include concerts, theatre, film, and television. The Los Angeles Times calls Mullen "spectacularly supple," owing to her comprehensive mastery of the dance discipline.

"Kimberly Mullen is a joy to work with. Her ability to collaborate as a choreographer is incredible. She is a rare talent that can shine as choreographer, principle dancer and dance teacher."

—Desirée Bartlett Star of "Yoga for Beginners," "3 in 1 Total Fitness," and "Dance and Be Fit: Latin Groove"

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Dance and Be Fit: Brazilian Body
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