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Clothing Sizing Information

At Acacia, we search near and far for garments that meet our high standards. We look for quality-conscious, socially responsible manufacturers and excellence all around: in design, fabric, construction, and value. We want you to look good and feel good in our clothes and wear them for a long time.

We understand it can be tricky to order garments from a catalog. To help make this easier and ensure that the garments you order fit the way you want, we have come up with four simple terms we use to describe everything: fitted, semifitted, relaxed, and oversized.

Finally, we feature more sizing information on our website than we do in our catalog. You can go online to find specific measurements for each garment, including bust, waist, hip, length, and so on. More questions? Call our Customer Service line anytime: 800-944-0474.
  • Fitted means body-hugging. Our fitted clothing usually has some stretch so it's snug but not binding. Think yoga wear.
  • Semifitted means that a garment still has shape but follows the body's contours more loosely. Think activewear.
  • Relaxed means roomy and easy-fitting. Think casual wear, hanging-out-with-friends wear, clothes you reach for when you want to be especially comfortable.
  • Oversized is reserved for loose-fitting, flowing garments.